The Bassuk Center connects and supports communities across the nation that are responding to family homelessness. Using research-based knowledge and evidence-based solutions, we advance policies and practices that ensure stabilization of homeless and vulnerable children, youth and families, and promote their wellbeing.

We see a day when everyone in America has a safe and decent place to live, and the economic and social opportunities that allow all family members to thrive.

Family homelessness is on the rise. As the numbers grow, the federal government has failed to respond.

Families need basic supports beyond decent affordable housing to thrive: food, education, employment, child care, transportation, health and mental health care, and help from family and friends.

No family should be homeless in America.

Not one child. Not one night.

Service Providers Report Family Homelessness Is Increasing

In the first national survey of service providers who work with homeless families, support is very strong for solutions that combine housing and services to stabilize families in the community. The survey confirms three decades of research and field experience about what is needed to help homeless families.


For more on this survey, read “Services Matter: How Housing and Services Can End Family Homelessness.

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