Services Matter

After 30 years of research and innovation in local communities, we know how to end family homelessness. However, federal policy is still dictated by available resources and continues to ignore the need to support families with permanent housing combined with essential services.

Services Matter: How Housing and Services Can End Family Homeless” was prepared by The Bassuk Center to present policymakers with effective solutions to end family homelessness based on emerging research, field experience, and the perspectives of local providers.

Community-based programs from all 50 states have endorsed this report. This represents the burgeoning of a grassroots network that will actively add its voice to the dialogue about how to meet the stated federal goal of ending family homelessness by 2020.

Please download and read the report (see below), and let use know what you think. We hope you will join us in declaring that services matter for homeless families.

Service Providers Report Family Homelessness Is Increasing

In the first national survey of service providers who work with homeless families, support is very strong for solutions that combine housing and services to stabilize families in the community. The survey confirms three decades of research and field experience about what is needed to help homeless families.


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