The Bassuk Center is a collaboration of service providers, clinicians, program developers, researchers, policymakers, and activists with the common goal of ending family homelessness in America.

We connect and support communities around the nation where dedicated people work every day to help families find the housing and services they need. The Bassuk Center is active at local, state, and federal levels, urging continued research and increased funding to ensure that no family in America goes without a decent home.

Housing is essential for ending homelessness, but it is not sufficient. Every family needs basic supports beyond decent affordable housing: food, education, employment, child care, transportation, health and mental health care, trauma-informed care, and children’s services.

After 30 years of research and innovation in local communities, we have learned how to end family homelessness. We believe it is time for immediate action to end this national tragedy.

Ellen L. Bassuk, MD
Ellen L. Bassuk, MDPresident, The Bassuk Center
Livia Davis, MSW, CSWM
Livia Davis, MSW, CSWMChair, Advisory Committee
Jacqueline A. Hart, M.D.
Jacqueline A. Hart, M.D.Director, The Bassuk Center
Christine Achre, MA, LCPC
Christine Achre, MA, LCPCAdvisory Committee Member
Gloria Dickerson, B.S.
Gloria Dickerson, B.S.Advisory Committee Member
Marc Dones, B.A.
Marc Dones, B.A.Advisory Committee Member
Mary E. Haskett, PhD
Mary E. Haskett, PhDAdvisory Committee Member
Ayala Livny, MEd
Ayala Livny, MEdAdvisory Committee Member
Lenore Rubin, PhD
Lenore Rubin, PhDAdvisory Committee Member
Alisa Thornton
Alisa ThorntonAdvisory Committee Member
Robert Sember, MA, ABD
Robert Sember, MA, ABDAdvisory Committee Member
Joe Willard, MA
Joe Willard, MAAdvisory Committee Member
Jayne Samuda
Jayne SamudaAdvisory Committee Coordinator