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Confronting Racism & Homelessness

Racial and ethnic minorities experience homelessness in greater numbers and for longer periods. To address these disparities, we must change the conversation about the root causes of housing instability and homelessness to include racism.

Supporting Partnerships for Anti-Racist Communities (SPARC) is an initiative of the Center for Social Innovation in partnership with The Bassuk Center. With support from Oak Foundation and others, SPARC is a multi-city initiative that conducts research, holds public discussions and forums, provides training and technical assistance, and collaborates with leadership in housing, health care, educational, and criminal justice systems.

SPARC is a catalyst for transforming racist systems. As we initiate a national dialogue, we will engage policymakers, service providers, and local communities to determine how racism impacts homelessness, and develop a national strategy to mitigate this problem. To learn more, visit SPARC.


Read “For too many, homelessness begins with racism” in the San Francisco Chronicle by Jeff Kositsky and Marc Dones.

Racial minorities experience homelessness longer.


And in greater numbers.