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Policy Alert: Trauma and the Health Consequences of Family Separation on Immigrant Children

Over the last year, the National Network to End Family Homelessness has shared a variety of tools, tips, and information on trauma, it’s mental health consequences, and ways for child, youth, and family providers to respond. Part of being trauma-informed involves understanding how structural and social realities impact the mental health and well-being of those [...]

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Core Principles of Trauma-Informed Agencies

Trauma-informed care (TIC) refers to the ways in which organizations and providers respond to the needs of trauma survivors and create environments that foster their recovery. As organizations working with clients who have experienced many adverse life events including significant trauma, it is our job to integrate our knowledge and understanding of extreme stress and [...]

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Comprehensive Trauma-Informed Assessment

Comprehensive Trauma-Informed Assessment Given the high prevalence of trauma and adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) in families experiencing homelessness, comprehensive assessment is central to our work as providers. We describe how to structure comprehensive assessments and provide specific tips to conduct trauma-informed assessments. The purpose of assessments is to understand the needs of families, the context [...]

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